Orifice Plate

Orifice Plate is the heart of the Orifice Meter. It restricts the flow and develops the Differential Pressure which is proportional to the square of the flow rate. The flow measuring accuracy entirely depends upon the quality of Orifice plate, its installation and maintains.

When measuring wet gas or saturated steam a weep hole is drilled in a concentrically bored orifice plate. This is a small hole drilled on the orifice plate such that its location is exactly on ID of the main pipe.

The Orifice plates are manufactured as per ISA / AGA/ API / ANSI standards and in various materials
such as SS304 /SS316 / SS316L /Hestoly C / Monel / PTFE coated.

Various bores are used for various applications.
Orifice Plate is categories in two types :- Paddle Type & Universal Palate.

Paddle Type Orifice Plate
This plate is sandwiched between two Orifice Flanges. Tag Plate of orifice plate projects out from Orifice flanges and it indicates the existence of Orifice plate. Details such as Tag NO /Orifice ID / Pipe ID / Plate Material are stamped on one side of the tag plate which faces upstream side of the pipe line. Outside diameter of the orifice plate equals to PCD-1 Bolt Dia. This ensures the concentricity with the main pipe line. The other method to maintain the concentricity is by using sleeves on the bolts or by providing dowel pins on the Orifice Flanges.
Universal Orifice Plate
This is a circular plate designed to fit in the Orifice fittings / Plate holders / carrier rings / Ring Type Joints(RTJ).
Despite various advances in flow measurement, Orifice Assembly remains one of the most used flow element.
This is because of -
Accuracy within +/- 1%
Robust & Simple Design
Proven Design
Zero Maintenance
First Principle Device - Which never Fails
Suitable for All Pipe Sizes from 1/2’’ to 36’’
Suitable for Almost All Types of Fluids
Proven Solution for Flow Measurement
Very nominal cost compared to other flow elements
Because of proven data available, no need of frequent calibration like other element
Technical Specification
  Size for Integral Design : 15, 20, 25, 40 mm
  Size for Flanged Design : 25, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 150 ...250 mm
  Material- Flanges & Carrier Ring : A105 / SS304/ SS316 / SS316L / CS & Other materials on request.
  Orifice Plate : SS304, SS316, SS316L, Hast C, Monel, PP, PVC,PTFE, Coated or Clad with PP / HDPE / PTFE.
  Gasket : CAF / SS Spiral Wound + CAF / PTFE / PVC / Rubber, Other materials as per special request.
  Stud / Nut : ASTM  A193 Gr B/ASTM  A194 CI 2H A193  B16/A194  C14
  Standards Applicable : Design - ISA RP 3.2 / DN 1952 / BS 1042 - 1981-84
  Bore Calculation : ISO 5167 / BS 1042 / RW Miller / L. K. SPIN / AGE - 3.7
  Flanges : ANSI B-16-36 / or Equivalent
  Types : Square edge concentric, Quadrant edges, Conical entrance, Eccentric.
  Pressure Toppings : For 1" to 16" - Flange Taps / Corner Taps. Above 16" - D x D/2
Various Orifice Assemblies
WNRF - Flange Taps
WNRF - Corner Taps
WNRF - Carrier Ring - Flange Taps
WNRF - Carrier Ring - Corner Taps
Plate Carrier Ring - Flange Taps
Plate Carrier Ring - Corner Tab
Pipe Taps (D x D / 2)
Orifice Accessories
1 Nipples  
2 Ball Valve  
3 Valve Manifold  
4 Condensing  
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